Notaxis has been designing screensavers for Roku and the first one has been released:

fractalmania channel poster fhdClick here to get FractalMania from the Roku Channel Store.


FractalMania is a screensaver that takes your Roku device back to the 1980's when fractal images were all the rage in computer graphics.

fm screenshot 01 08

This screensaver utilizes your Roku device CPU and creates these images dynamically, meaning no device storage is required on your Roku device for images, and no Internet access is required, saving you precious bandwidth. The FractalMania screensaver can create many different designs and creates them with varying color schemes.

In total, a great number of potential images for your enjoyment.

The screensaver displays the fractal image in an interlaced fashion, displaying each line as soon as calculations are complete. When the image is finished, the screensaver pauses for a few seconds for you to admire it before clearing the screen and starting a new fractal image.

Please note - The calculations required to create fractal images are quite intensive. Although this screensaver works on all supported Roku devices, you may find that it runs faster on newer Roku devices and streaming sticks.